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 RIB-IT Boats is contracted with over 3,500 Marine service centers throughout the United States, Canada and parts of the Caribbean. If at any time a warranty issue presents itself, RIB-IT will contact one of our local Marine Service Centers located in the customers geographical area and handle the logistics in honoring warranty issue

USA and Canada limited warranty

The warranty on RIB-IT Boats or rigid hull inflatable boats is limited to the original purchaser in the U.S.A. or Canada who registers their product within 60 days of purchase. Boats purchased direct from RIB-IT  are automatically registered with purchaser of record. The warranty applies only to boats purchased and registered through RIB-IT Boats. This warranty is transferable, provided the original purchase was registered, and provided written notification of the transfer of the boat is received by RIB-IT  within 30 days of transfer. Written notification must include the Hull Identification Number. Your RIB-IT  warranty duration is based on the different material types. (See exclusions)


5 Years Recreational / 1 Year Commercial


5 Years Recreational / 1 Year Commercial

Outboard Motors

5 Years manufacturers warranty

5 Year warranty on Hypalon tubing and Aluminum Hulls and superstructures

If it is determined by RIB-IT  the buoyancy tube or seams are defective in material or workmanship only (excluding color) during years  through 5 of ownership, a boat hull/replacement buoyancy tube will be offered at the following discount from current manufacturer’s suggested retail price for the model. After inspection of the condition of the boat by an authorized service center, determination of any warranty will be made by RIB-IT  at our sole discretion.

RIB-IT  parts, attachments, accessories, electrical , are warranted to be free from defects in material and structure for a period of 1 year from the original date of purchase or RIB-IT  will repair or replace said product (at its sole discretion) at no charge for labor and materials (excluding shipping costs). RIB-IT  retains the right to substitute comparable product. This warranty will be void if the Hull Identification Number (HIN) plate attached to the transom is changed, defaced or detached in any way.

Exclusions from this warranty

  • All outboard engines, transmissions, generators, air conditioning systems, antifouling bottom paint and any components and accessories not manufactured by RIB-IT  (See owner’s packet for separate warranty details, if any, on these products)
  • Misuse, abuse, or negligence, including without limitation, improper docking, beaching or towing, collision, punctures, tearing, ripping, abrasion, theft, fire and over/under inflation of air chambers. Internal baffle damages due to over inflation, or improper inflation device and/or sequence.
  •  Seam separation due to excessive heat exposure / UV exposure.
  • Seam and baffle damages due to overinflating, or improper inflation device usage and/or chamber fill sequence.
  • The use of outboard engine in excess of that specified on the capacity plate.
  • Competition, charter, fleet, rental type usage of the boat or product.
  •  Commercial (Business/Fire/Government/Resorts/Schools/Fisheries or similar professional maritime type usage) are limited to one year warranty.
  • Damages due to assembly, repairs or modifications performed by someone other than Manufacturer or approved repair center.
  • Damage received through Acts of God, including but not limited to, abnormal water, wind or weather conditions, etc.
  • Improper trailering, improper lifting, cradling or use of davits.
  •  Alteration or tampering, including but not limited to, transom modification, installation of an engine with incorrect shaft length, etc.
  •  Damages or corrosion from abnormal environmental conditions, including but not limited to corrosive water environment, airborne fallout, tree sap, chemical spills, acid rain, hail, windstorm, lightning, etc.
  • Damages or corrosion due to lack of maintenance or premature wearing resulting from improper assembly or over/under inflation.
  • Normal deterioration, wear, discoloration, dulling, crazing, osmotic blistering and aging of fabrics, metals, woods, plastic or fiberglass gel coat (including spider cracks caused by impacts or hull strikes).
  • Costs resulting from loss of use, including but not limited to transportation or freight to service centers, rigging/de-rigging.
  • Consequential or incidental damages.
  • Moisture damage to wooden parts, wooden laminates or composite assemblies resulting from failure to maintain the protective coating of these parts (varnish, caulking, etc.). 
  • Use of strong detergents or silicone based products (ArmorAll or like agents) placed on buoyancy tubes will void this warranty.

Procedures for warranty claims

To receive warranty owner must provide RIB-IT  Inflatables with a reasonable opportunity to repair, and reasonable access to the product for warranty service. Warranty claims shall be made by delivering the product for inspection to an authorized dealer authorized to service RIB-IT  products. If the purchaser cannot deliver the product to such a dealer, written notice must be given to RIB-IT . We will then arrange for the inspection and any covered repair. The purchaser, in that case, shall pay for all related transportation charges and/or travel time. If the service provided is not covered by this warranty, purchaser shall pay for all related labor and material, and any other expenses associated with that service. Purchaser shall not, unless requested by RIB-IT , ship the product or parts of the product directly to RIB-IT . You must take your boat or claimed defective part with proof of purchase (bill of sale) to an authorized service center for inspection during normal working hours. For the location of the nearest service center you may contact us by telephone (800) 881-8512 or through our web page or by email to wit h the title “warranty”. All warranty actions are handled by the service center or dealer. To be eligible for warranty determination, you must contact your nearest RIB-IT within 30 days of occurrence of the claimed defect.

RIB-IT ’s sole exclusive obligation under this warranty is limited to, at our option, repairing a defective part, replacing such part or parts with new or RIB-IT  Inflatable’s certified re-manufactured parts, or refunding the purchase price of the product. If unit is deemed non-repairable RIB-IT  may offer a prorated credit based on the remaining amount of warranty. The purchaser will be allowed to use that credit toward a replacement model of similar value.

Limitation of liability and other important information

  • It is expressly agreed that this is the only warranty given by RIB-IT . No one is authorized to make any other warranties on behalf of RIB-IT . IMPLIED WARRANTIES, INCLUDING THE IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY AND THE IMPLIED WARRANTY OF FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE ARE LIMITED TO THE EXPRESS WARRANTIES LISTED ABOVE. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, so the above limitation may not apply to you.
  •  RIB-IT ‘s sole obligation, and your exclusive remedy under this warranty, is limited to repair or replacement in accordance with this warranty. In no event, shall any obligation exceed the purchase price applicable to the product or part thereof to which the claim relates.
  •  RIB-IT  expressly disclaims and excludes any consequential, incidental, punitive, indirect or contingent damages whatsoever, including any damages related to breach of any express or implied warranty. Some states and provinces do not allow (a) limitation on how long a warranty lasts, or (b) the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, as such, these limitations or exclusions may not apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, which vary from province to province or state to state.
  •  RIB-IT  reserves the right to make changes in the design and material of its inflatable boats without incurring any obligations to incorporate such changes in units already completed or in the hands of dealers or consumers. The entire obligation of RIB-IT  regarding the sale of its inflatable is stated within this written warranty, except as otherwise provide by law.
  • RIB-IT  does not authorize its dealer or any other person to assume for it any other warranty or liability in connection with the sale of its boats.
  •  The Federal Boat Safety Act of 1971 provides for defect notification by the manufacturer to first purchasers. Failure to register your purchase with the manufacturer by completing online registration constitutes waiver of the right to defect notification.

If you have any questions in regards to warranty , please contact us in writing , RIB-IT Boats (Warranty Department)